Surrogacy in Ukraine
Surrogacy Ukraine
Surrogacy in Ukraine Surrogacy Ukraine Surrogacy in Ukraine Surrogacy Ukraine
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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy Ukraine – The best fertility procedure at We Care Surrogacy

We Care Surrogacy are the best medical tourism company which offers the Surrogacy Ukraine at their network hospitals with great success rates of the pregnancy. Earlier for the couples who were not able to conceive the adoption was the only option, however, with the advancement in medical science couple can have their own baby by using the surrogacy procedure.

Surrogacy Ukraine is a procedure which is useful for the men suffering from poor or low sperm count and women with kidney or uterus disease can opt for the surrogacy procedure. In this procedure, the fertility experts will hire the surrogate mother who will willingly carry the baby in her womb for 9 months for the couple who wish to have their own baby through surrogacy procedure and once the baby born the surrogate mother will hand over the baby to his/her intended parents and then she will never meet the baby in future.

Surrogacy Ukraine procedure to hire surrogates

Before any women enter into the Surrogacy Ukraine procedure they have to undergo for the physical and mental testing so that no disease will transfer from surrogate to the baby born through surrogacy. The all surrogates will be properly examined for their infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis to ensure the best quality of the treatment.

The surrogates hire for the Surrogacy Ukraine should be among the age of 21 to 35 years and they should be young, healthy and fertile women to bear the stress and provide the successful outcome of the treatment. The women whosoever wish to be a surrogate need to provide her medical and personal history to the clinic before proceeding with her services and also her family member has no issues that she is carrying the baby for another woman in her womb. After she met all the criteria’s of the Surrogacy Ukraine she is ready to deliver her services.

Is there any legal law applicable to Surrogacy in Ukraine?

As such there is no legal law applicable for Surrogacy in Ukraine, however, to run the process smooth the fertility experts in Ukraine ask both the parties to sign the mutual concern where it is mentioned that surrogate mother will carry the baby in her womb and hand over the baby to the intended parents and the intended parents are ready to pay the compensation to the surrogates in the form of monthly instalments so that they can take their and baby’s proper care.

Once the Surrogacy in Ukraine procedure is completed the intended parents need to file a petition in Court for seeking the permission to be a legal parent. The Court will review the documents and order the authorities to issue the new birth certificate in the same of intended parents as a legal parent of a baby born.

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Surrogacy Ukraine        Surrogacy in Ukraine