Surrogacy Law in India
Surrogacy Law in India
Surrogacy Law in India Surrogacy Law in India Surrogacy Law in India Surrogacy Law in India
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Surrogacy Law in India

Is network hospital under We Care Surrogacy following any Surrogacy Law in India?

According to research, there is no such legal Surrogacy Law in India followed at the network hospitals of We Care Surrogacy as all the hospitals under this medical tourism company has a legal approval from the government of India to have the surrogacy in India will all legal norms. This makes India is the best country and people in larger number travel to India every year for their surrogacy. The government of India now understands that surrogacy is nothing but it is a simple procedure to fulfil the emptiness in the heart of the couples who wish to have an own baby but infertility is stopping them to have their own baby. The government in India also understood that people wish to have their own genetic baby instead of adoption and this is the reason they withdraw all the Surrogacy Law in India and now people can easily avail the benefits of surrogacy in India as well.

With no Surrogacy Law in India, it becomes easy for the couples to become a parent of an own baby and this is the great achievement for the government of India that people from other well-developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. are travelling to India for their surrogacy instead of their own countries.

What Surrogacy Policy in India the fertility experts at network hospitals of We Care Surrogacy ask to sign?

To run the process smooth for both the parties, the fertility experts at network hospitals of We Care Surrogacy ask to sign a Surrogacy Policy in India on which both parties need to agree before they proceed with the treatment. The Surrogacy Policy in India says that surrogate and her family have no issues that she will carry the baby for another couple in her womb for 9 months and on the baby birth she will hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents without any issues.

On the other side, the intended parents need to sign the policy which states that they are ready to bear all the expenses of surrogate such as her food, clothing, accommodation etc. and also pay her the monthly compensation so that she can take her and baby proper care.

What are the Surrogacy Legalities in India which both parties need to follow?

On the completion of the surrogacy procedure, it’s the responsibility of the intended parents that they follow the Surrogacy Legalities in India which is they need to file a petition in Indian Court for seeking the permission to be a legal parent of baby born through surrogacy and the Court will identify all the documents and then allow the Indian Court authorities to issue a new birth certificate in the name of intended parents to be a legal parent and also ask the surrogate mother that she will not meet the baby or the couple in near future or any reason.

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Surrogacy Law in India        Surrogacy Law in India