Surrogacy Law in Kenya
Surrogacy Law in Kenya
Surrogacy Law in Kenya Surrogacy Law in Kenya Surrogacy Law in Kenya Surrogacy Law in Kenya
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Surrogacy Law in Kenya - Its Legal!

Surrogacy Law in Kenya – Is the law which is equal for everyone

According to the government of Kenya, there is no such legal Surrogacy Law in Kenya because the government of this country understands that this is a simple fertility treatment which is meant to fulfill the emptiness in the life of the childless couples. As the government of Kenya feels that every couple on this planet have a right to be a parent of their own baby and keeping this in mind there is no Surrogacy Law in Kenya applicable for any patient whether they are of the same sex or of different sex. Kenya is the country which is offering the surrogacy as a legal procedure across the world from many years.

Is there any legal Surrogacy Policy in Kenya?

Yes, just to run the process smoothly the hospitals and clinics in Kenya ask both the parties to sign a Surrogacy Policy in Kenya which states that after the baby born the surrogate will hand over the child to his/her intended parents without any issues and the intended parents will pay her for her services in the monthly installments and the balance left out will be paid to them once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed. Also, it’s a responsibility of the intended parents that on the third day of the baby birth they file a petition in Court for seeking their permission to be a legal parent of the newborn. The Court then orders the Department of the Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate in the name of the intended parents as the legal parents of the newborn. After the legal Surrogacy Policy in Kenya is signed by the parties only then the clinic or hospital will begin the surrogacy treatment. In case anyone of them is not ready to sign the Surrogacy Policy in Kenya or not adhere the rules and regulations associated with the procedure the clinic or hospital has right to stop the procedure.

Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya

Kenya now becomes the most favored destination for many international patients because there are no Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya and the couples who wish to have surrogacy with same sex can easily avail the benefits to become a parent of own baby in Kenya. The laws of some countries are against the surrogacy procedure, however, some districts are extremely open for the surrogacy procedure and Kenya is one of that country where there is so there is no Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya ruled out by the government of Kenya because they know that it’s a simple procedure which is helping out the infertile couples who are unable to conceive naturally and they need some medical assistance to complete their families.

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Surrogacy Law in Kenya        Surrogacy Law in Kenya