Surrogate Mother in Georgia
Surrogate in Georgia
Surrogate Mother in Georgia Surrogate in Georgia Surrogate Mother in Georgia Surrogate in Georgia
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Surrogate Mother in Georgia

Highly Fertile and Healthy Surrogate Mother in Georgia by We Care Surrogacy

The network hospitals of We Care Surrogacy offer the highly fertile and healthy Surrogate Mother in Georgia who helps the women those are unable to carry the pregnancy in her own womb due to some medical issues with their uterus and need more assistance in conceiving a baby. This Surrogate Mother in Georgia is hired by the medical tourism company and they are young, healthy and fertile women among the age group of 21 to 35 years. The We Care Surrogacy medical tourism company preferred to hire the married women with kids as Surrogates because they have established their ability to bear children as compared to unmarried women.

All the Surrogate Mother in Georgia is properly examined by the fertility expert for their infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis so that it could not passes to the baby born through surrogacy procedure. The surrogates are also properly checked that they are not addicted to any kind of drugs or alcohol which is illegal and can the success of the procedure is affected by it. We Care Surrogacy is best and leading the medical tourism company across the globe who do all the background status checked for the surrogates such as their family background, medical history, any allergy with any medicines etc. and when they are satisfied with all the reports of the Surrogates and fully sure that these surrogates are fit for the surrogacy procedure only then they hire them.

How are the Surrogates in Georgia paid for their services?

The couple who are adopting the surrogacy procedure needs to pay the compensation to the Surrogates in Georgia in the form of monthly instalments so that they can take their and baby care properly. The amount which the intended parents will pay to the Surrogates in Georgia is included in their surrogacy package which will be confirmed to them before the fertility expert will begin the treatment. This entire package of surrogacy includes the expenses of surrogates such as food, accommodation, maternity clothing, legal charges, screening and recruiting charges of surrogates etc. If you compared the surrogacy success rates of Surrogates in Georgia with any other developed countries surrogates then you will find the highest success rates of taking the baby home using the Surrogates in Georgia.

Who is Surrogate Mother Georgia?

The Surrogate Mother Georgia is the woman who will willingly carry the baby for an infertile woman in her womb for 9 months and will hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents after the baby birth.

The Surrogate Mother Georgia is of two types (i) Gestational surrogates and (ii) Traditional surrogates. Both the types of surrogates are delivering the high success rates for taking the baby home. The only difference is that with gestational surrogate you will have your own genetic baby, however, with traditional surrogates she is the biological mother of the baby born as her eggs were used for the procedure.

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Surrogate in Georgia        Surrogate Mother in Georgia