Surrogate Mother in India
Surrogate in India
Surrogate Mother in India Surrogate in India Surrogate Mother in India Surrogate in India
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Surrogate Mother in India

Why does We Care Surrogacy offer the Surrogate Mother in India?

We Care Surrogacy offer the Surrogate Mother in India to those couples where men are dealing with poor or low sperm count and women have some medical issues with her uterus and unable to carry the pregnancy in her own womb. In such cases, the couple needs more assistance and here the Surrogate Mother in India plays a role of that woman who will willingly carry the baby for infertile couples in her womb for 9 months and will hand-over the baby after the baby birth.

The Surrogate Mother in India is the woman who is doing a great job and fulfilling the emptiness in the life of the couples who were struggling for a long period of time to have an own baby. The couple can go for either gestational surrogate or traditional surrogate. The difference between two surrogates is only that with gestational surrogate couple will have an own genetic baby as the eggs and sperm of the intended parents are used for fertilization using IVF procedure, however, with traditional surrogate, the surrogate is the biological mother of baby born through surrogacy procedure because her eggs were used for the fertilization.

How are Surrogates in India selected?

The Surrogates in India are selected on fulfilling the following conditions:

• The surrogate should be between the age group of 21 to 35 years and should be young, healthy and fertile enough to carry the pregnancy.

• To become Surrogates in India she should pass the physiological and medical testing and also she will be undergoing the screening of infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis.

• All the surrogates need to submit their medical and personal history to the agencies who hired them before they deliver their services to couples.

• The Surrogates in India need to agree on the mutual agreement which states that the surrogate and her family have no issues that she is carrying a baby for another woman in her womb and she will be paid for her services.

• The surrogates should not be overweight or underweight and also not addicted to any illegal drugs such as alcohol, smoking etc.

To whom Surrogate Mother India recommended

The following are the couples to whom the Surrogate Mother India is recommended:

• A woman dealing with medical issues with her uterus and men with poor or low sperm count.

Surrogate Mother India is beneficial for the couples who had gone for adoption but due to their age or marital status that has been rejected.

• A gay couple who wish to have an own baby and one of the partner need to provide the sperm which will be artificially inseminated with the eggs of traditional surrogates.

• A woman with removed uterus due to the hysterectomy.

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