Surrogate Mother in Kenya
Surrogate Mother in Kenya
Surrogate Mother in Kenya Surrogate Mother in Kenya Surrogate Mother in Kenya Surrogate Mother in Kenya
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Surrogate Mother in Kenya

Surrogate Mother in Kenya – Who help the childless couples

Surrogate Mother in Kenya is of two types: (i) Gestational Surrogates and (ii) Traditional Surrogates

(i) Gestational Surrogates: With the advanced technique known as In vitro Fertilization (IVF) makes it possible to gather eggs from the intended mother, fertilize them with the sperm of intended father, and place the resulted embryo into the uterus of a gestational surrogate. She will carry the baby until birth and doesn't have any genetic ties to the child because the eggs of the gestational surrogate mother were not used for the procedure. The gestational Surrogate Mother in Kenya is known as the birth mother and the biological mother is that women whose eggs were used for fertilization which is intended mother of the newborn.

(ii) Traditional Surrogates: Traditional Surrogates are the women who get artificially inseminated with the sperm of intended father and will carry the baby and delivers it for you. A traditional surrogate is the biological mother of the newborn because it was her egg that was fertilized with the sperm of intended father. Traditional surrogate mother eggs can also be fertilizing with donor sperm.

How to choose the Surrogates in Kenya?

You should choose the Surrogates in Kenya who fulfill the following conditions:

• She should be between the age group of 21 to 35 years.

• A surrogate should be a married woman with kids so that she understands the criticality of the procedure and the emotions attached to newborn.

• All the women who wish to be the Surrogates in Kenya need to pass the psychological screening which is conducted by a mental health professional to uncover any issues with giving up the baby after baby birth.

• The Surrogates in Kenya should sign a mutual concern about her roles and responsibilities in the pregnancy such as parental care, proper diet, taking the medications on time and agreeing to give you the baby after birth.

Who uses the Surrogate Mother Kenya?

The following are the couples who need the Surrogate Mother Kenya to fulfill their dream of having an own baby:

• If you are the one who had medical problems with your uterus.

• You had a hysterectomy that removed your uterus.

• If you are suffering from any medical illness due to which your doctor suggest not to carry the pregnancy in such conditions you can opt for the surrogacy.

• If you had previous failed IVF cycle than surrogacy is the best option for you to have your own baby.

• In case you file the papers for adoption but due to your age or marital status that has been rejected then Surrogate Mother Kenya is the one who can help you to have your own baby.

• In case you are a gay couple and decide to use the traditional surrogate in such condition your sperms will be artificially inseminated with the eggs of the traditional surrogate and she will carry your baby until birth.

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Surrogate Mother in Kenya        Surrogate Mother in Kenya