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Surrogacy in delhi
Surrogacy in delhi Surrogacy in delhi Surrogacy in delhi Surrogacy in delhi
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Surrogate Mothers at our Clinic in Delhi - A brief Intro


Intended surrogate mothers are clinically and physically screened for general health and fertility. Her fertility background of having a healthy child, family health, good habits [no smoking, no alcohol etc.] etc are checked [must have had at least one child with normal pregnancy]. A team of counselors counsel surrogate mothers psychologically to ensure they can cope with the emotional demands and responsibility of our surrogacy program. They are taken through presentations of the surrogacy process, meet pregnant surrogates and previous surrogates to fully understand surrogacy. Surrogates husband also go through psychological screening to ensure their total support to their wife in their decision to participate in surrogacy program.

Physical examination

Intended surrogates have a general physical examination and are screened for infectious diseases. Medical Tests include a full blood count, renal, liver and thyroid function tests, chest X-Ray to rule out tuberculosis, with comprehensive clinical investigation for fertility. A list of screening tests for surrogates is provided with quote to Intended Parents.

Compensation and Medical Care

The surrogate mothers are properly cared for and well paid. A substantial amount of the package cost is paid to them as their compensation for carrying your baby. Her compensation is divided into monthly payments with a major sum being paid upon delivery of the baby. In coordination with the gynecologist and a medical social worker, who visits her home regularly upon positive pregnancy, her medical care is routinely maintained with regular visits to the clinic, medications including multi vitamins, mineral and nutritional supplements and ultrasounds. Her husband is encouraged to participate in her visits to the doctor. We also fortify her living environment at home, if required, with gadgets and stuff like refrigerator, air cooler etc. She receives two months of ante natal care under the gynecologist post delivery.

Legal Documents

Surrogate is also counseled about the legal aspect of the surrogacy agreement with Intended Parent wherein she gives up her claim on the baby. She along with her husband enter into a legal agreement with the Intended Parents, executed by a surrogacy lawyer, to understand and give the legal rights on the baby to the Intended Parents.

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