Surrogacy cost in Georgia
Surrogacy Fees in Georgia
Surrogacy Charges in Georgia Surrogacy cost in Georgia Surrogacy fees in Georgia Surrogacy Charges in Georgia
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Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

We Care Surrogacy offer the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

We Care Surrogacy is the best and leading medical tourism company which have the tie-ups with the best hospitals and clinics in Georgia that offers the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Georgia which bypasses the hurdles of many couples who wish to have their own baby but the cost was the major concern for them and they were not able to afford the treatment. With the help of the fertility experts in Georgia who offers the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Georgia as the reason behind offering such reasonable cost is that they wish that each individual on this planet enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and cost of the procedure will not stop them to enjoying their parenthood.

They are the one who offers the affordable Surrogacy Cost in Georgia but without compromising the quality of the treatment. They offer the same international quality of the treatment without biasing between poor, payee or needy people.

What’s the Surrogacy Fees in Georgia and how the surrogates are paid?

The Surrogacy Fees in Georgia is around USD 40,000 using gestational procedure and around USD 35,000 using traditional surrogacy including all other expenses such as cost of IVF procedure, medical check-ups, legal charges, and other expenses of surrogates such as food, travel, clothing, medicines, etc. also the medications which required for stimulating the ovaries also included in your package and if you compare the cost of surrogacy in Georgia with any other developed countries then you will find a huge variations in costs as the cost of surrogacy procedure is begin from USD 80,000 without including any other expenses.

This is an estimated cost of the procedure and the actual cost will be confirmed once you meet the fertility expert and they review all your medical reports then they communicate the Surrogacy Fees in Georgia for the entire procedure.

Georgia is the place where the surrogates will get the compensation for their services in the form of monthly instalments so that they can take their and baby care properly until the baby birth and these expenses of a surrogate will be bear by the intended parents which include in your cost of Surrogacy in Georgia.

If you wish to bring your own surrogate which will reduce your Surrogacy Fees in Georgia but you need to make sure that the surrogate is properly examined for her medical and physiological testing.

What are the Surrogacy Charges in Georgia for surrogates?

The Surrogacy Charges in Georgia for surrogates is around USD 8,000 and this is the estimated figure which does not include any additional compensation such as travel, maternity clothes, food etc. The final charges for Surrogacy in Georgia will be determined under the contract with intended parents.

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